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we begin with breaking news of a robbery and shooting that took place in northwest washington. police are in the 6500 block of
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georgia avenue northwest. they are investigating a robbery, in front of a cvs pharmacy. we are not sure if an armored truck, parked in front of the store, was the intended target. guards did open fire, and they hit one of the suspects. and investigators say that a gunshot victim was taken to washington hospital center and authorities suspect that this person was involved in the robbery. >> meanwhile, two american hikers jailed as spies in iran have now been released. tina krause has more on what happened. >> reporter: a convoy of cars sped away from a prison in tehran, carrying freed american hikers shane bow and josh fatal. their lawyer says an iranian judge approved a $1 million bail deal, securing their freedom. swiss officials helped in the release, since the united
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states has no diplomatic relations with iran. >> we view this as really about two human beings, who have been held too long in very difficult circumstances and we want to see them back reunited with their families. >> bow and fatal have spent more than two years behind bars. iranian authorities arrested them in july of 2009 while hiking near the iran iraq border. just last month a judge sentenced the men to eight years in prison. their release comes just a day before the president addresses the united nations general assembly. bow and fatal are expected to be flown on a private jet to the gulf state. the three friends met at the university of california at berkeley. the men's families say they are super excited for the release, but won't rest easily until the two are back on american soil.
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tina krause, cbs news. shane bower is engaged to sarah. he grew up in minnesota. fatal is an environmental activist and it from suburban philadelphia. a new report shows the justice department grossly overpaid for the food that was served at its conferences. a report shows the justice department vastly overpaid, including $8 for each cup of coffee, and $16 for a muffin. the report tracked expenses from 2007 to 2009. the report also showed an exorbitant amount of money spent in 2004 through 2006, including $5 for a swedish meatball. >> clearly, government has not yet been put on a diet that
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taxpayers can afford to keep. >> overall, the department of justice spent more than $73 million on conferences in 2009. that is an increase of more than 50% from the year before. president obama used his speech at the united nations general assembly this morning to highlight the changes across the globe during the last year. the president also addressed the controversial plan by palestinians to ask for statehood at the united nations. manuel gallegos reports the calls for statehood are being met with skepticism. >> reporter: trying to avert a diplomatic showdown, president obama told the united nations general assembly, now is not the time for palestinian statehood. >> there is no shortcut to the end of a conflict that has endured for decades. peace is hard work. >> reporter: the president is trying to convince palestinian president not to ask for formal recognition of a palestinian
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state, saying direct negotiations are the only way to achieve peace in the region. >> reporter: ultimately it is not us who must reach yes ma'am on issues that divide. >> reporter: united states officials admit their efforts to persuade him to drop his bid may feel. the obama administration says the united states will veto, if there is a vote. >> we think the united states is biased toward israel, and actually became an obstacle toward peace in the region. >> reporter: talk of a separate palestinian state is sparking new clashes. in the west bank, palestinians hurled rocks at israel and israeli soldiers. the president will try to convince both sides to head back
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to the negotiation table. manuel gallegos, cbs news, the united nations. the president is expected to formally present his bid for statehood friday. a funeral mass was held this morning for kara kennedy allen at the holy trinity church in northwest washington she is the late child of the late senator ted kennedy. kennedy allen died this weekend, at a dc health club. she will be buried in a private ceremony in brookline, massachusetts. and there will be a memorial service tonight at bowie state university for the student killed inside her dormitory room this week. 18-year-old dominique fraser was found dead last thursday. her roommate has been charged with her murder. tonight's memorial service will celebrate fraser's life and what she meant to the school. it begins at 7:00 p.m. dc residents making more
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than $350,000 a year should get ready for a larger tax bill. the city council voted to raise taxes from 8.5% to 8.9%. and the council was divide odd that issue. >> we ought to have a different, higher rate for millionaires and that is what this bill is about. >> it could not be more counter productive to the future of the city to raise taxes. >> reporter: the tax hike will take effect october 1, and it is going to stay in place for four years. supporters say it could bring in about $106 million. dc mayor gray is expected to sign this bill. how many showed up at a job fair, could be an indication of our overall economic health. al dee's grocery is opening new stores in our region and they are expecting thousands to
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apply. >> it is dire straits. i don't have a job. >> reporter: david clark has been unemployed for the past three years. >> it is just no jobs. >> reporter: he is one of a couple thousand job applicants the company says will turn out for 70 positions for three new stores, opening soon. >> reporter: economists are not surprised at david's situation, especially when you breakdown the region. suburban maryland has seen the worst of it, losing 8000 jobs in the last 12 months. dc has gained several thousand jobs, and virginia has also strengthened. >> you definitely need to go where the jobs are in the economies of dc and suburban maryland. >> reporter: the unemployment rate in suburban maryland is 6.4%. dc is a staggering 11.3. >> transportation is a big cost. it is a big barrier. >> reporter: it could prove challenging for someone trying to get to arlington every day,
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where they need workers at a 3.7% unemployment rate. the kind of jobs have changed too, requiring advanced education. david only has a high school diploma. >> i'm still out here looking. >> reporter: but full soldier optimistic that the job outlook -- fuller is optimistic that the job out look will improve. >> reporter: sue rae chin. they are looking for people to fill full-time positions with benefits and the pay will go from $11.50 to $23 an hour. by the way, 20 hours actually constitutes full-time. if you would like more information, go to our website, wusa still to come when 9news now continues. it is lunch time at schools in
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our region. find out how authorities are trying to make lunches healthier. and time is running out for supporters of a convicted cop killer. coming up, see what lawmakers are doing to try and save troy davis. we'll be right back.
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despite protests here in washington and elsewhere, the georgia board of pardons and paroles has denied clemency for troy davis. barring a last minute reprieve, davis will dieton. he was convicted for the 989 shooting death -- for the 1989 shooting death of police officers. the family of james bird says they have forgiven lawrence brewer, who was one of three men who chained bird to a pickup and dragged him to death in 1998. bird's relatives say they had to forgive, to avoid harboring the same kind of hate as his killers. new policies are in place to keep better track of those buried at argueton national cemetery. the secretary of the army reports the new management team is in place and is reconciling
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paper records with physical gray stone inspections. secretary john mccue says new policies and modernized record keeping equipment is in place. last year, authorities found hundreds of discrepancies between burial maps and gravesites. coming up next, howard and the forecast i want just cloudy right now, but keep the umbrellas handy. we could be seeing waves of showers for several days, potentially into the weekend. the one good thing about the rain, it is cleaning the air a little bit. the tree pollen, absent, mold is still moderate and grass pollen is low.  we'll have the soggy 7-day when 9news now at noon returns.
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schools across the country are offering healthier lunch onyx. that includes montgomery county public schools. yesterday, students at north bethesda middle school participated in the power lunch rally to celebrate the district's accomplishments. dr. janie thornton, with the united states department of agriculture attend and applauded the students for setting a good example. >> it will say to the community, it will stay -- say to your parents, to people you work with, we are committed to live healthy lives and we are starting and we are practicing that right here at school.
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some of the nutritional upgrades include fresh fruit and vegetables every day in the lunch line, also whole wheat or whole grain bread. and other foods. >> a lot of happy parents with that. hey, weatherwise you may not be so happy. it has been a dreary day. the fog has lifted but the clouds aren't going anywhere. looks like more rain will be moving in later on this afternoon and tonight and on and off for the next several days. here is a look at the day planner for the rest of the afternoon. cloudy skies through 1:00, we should be okay. late this afternoon, don't be surprised if areas southwest start to see a few heavier showers and rumbles of thunder. as temperatures drop from the mid-70s into the lower 70s, winds southeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour. we have had the clouds all morning. a few light sprinkles offshore
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and light doppler 9 hd right now relatively quiet. looking at a couple of sprinkles in pennsylvania. lacking around put things in motion a couple of lit sprinkles on the eastern shore. outdoor plans should be mainly dry over the next few hours. temperatures are comfortable, although the fog has been hanging in baltimore winchester low 70s in town. winchester low 70s. almost 80 degrees, with the clouds officially 72. dew points in the upper 60s now at 67. so the mug guys are back and the wind coming off the south southeast at 7 miles per hour. the problem for us, twofold. you have a storm system up to our north and west and all the moisture south. not too dissimilar from lee a couple of weeks ago, but not the amounts of rain, you can see the moisture down here all moving northeast in a few more hours, what is in southwestern virginia will be in northern virginia. and the futurecast depicting
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this, coming in here this afternoon and this evening. a few heavier showers or thunder mixing in. over prince georges county, this might be fairfax. overnight or as we head toward midnight, still more showers around. potentially heavier showers and rumbles of thunder. so the morning rush could be wet here as we head toward midday, we are looking at scattered showers. a few breaks out to our midwest. in the afternoon on thursday, more showers potentially scattered about. as far as sunshine, what about friday you ask? friday's not looking all that great. maybe the heaviest rain east of us in the morning. potentially more showers and at times, heavy rains in spots, especially east of town. we could be looking at several inches of rain east of washington and we are looking at a lot of potential rain there over the next few days. here's a quick look, today 76. friday 77. scattered showers and storms. night time lows in the 60s.
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as we get toward the weekend, still a chance for showers, saturday 77 and maybe sun with afternoon thunder around sunday. highs in the upper 70s. we'll continue to follow that robbery and shooting in front of the cvs pharmacy in northwest washington. christian fish soldier in the 6500 block of avenue q, northwest. >> reporter: a third suspect just walked into the washington hospital center with a gun shot wound, apparently to the head. so police are actively searching for two suspects who, around 10:00 50 this morning tried to rob this armored car here. shots were fired. we don't know if the suspects were the ones shooting or if the guards. but at some., one of the suspects was shot. he then just walked into the washington hospital center with that gunshot wound i was
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talking about. two other suspects got away. likely on foot. police have brought in a k-9 unit and they are currently searching for these suspects. nobody inside the cvs, or anybody outside into the parking lot was hurt during this shootout. but again, no condition also on the guards. we don't know how they are doing, if they are okay. but at this point in time, no injuries to report. two suspects on the loose, third just walked into the hospital center, we'll have the latest on this attempted armed robbery, coming up later tonight, the latest on our website. back to you. kristen fisher reporting live, we'll be right back. stay with us. (announcer) still got flakes?
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switch to selsun blue shampoo.
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maximum strength medicine wipes out flakes. aloe and moisturizers keep hair healthy. cozy, fresh, romantic, deliberate, some of the ingredients forty miss saw -- for tiramisu. >> maybe martini glasses, nice and fancy, then you put it in the freezer for three hours or even more, how much time you
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have and then you will have a nice product, so let's do with the presentation. >> cantaloupe is sweet. >> yes, has to be really ripe. because, of course, it gives you more flavor. >> now what is that? chocolate? >> yes, look at that. nice. okay. >> look how that came out so nice. see, this is. >> beautiful. >> goose berry -- goose berries, over here. >> and the the recipe is on the website? >> is on the website. >> so you can take a look at that. isn't that nice? >> that is so nice. and you teach at the restaurant and. >> yes, we do a cooking class, regional. which means we also talk about
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the grape and wines of the region. we teach the recipe and what people identify as the food of this region and a little bit of the history, too. alty miss sue -- one of the things we were talking about, it is local. you don't have to worry about where it comes from. it makes it really fresh too. >> reporter: it is a benefit. >> he is a runner too. where did you run this summer? >> the out back in australia. >> did you do well? >> of course, i did my best time. >> all right. thanks for being here with us. we are going to continue to follow-up on the breaking news story of the robbery that
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occurred at the cvs pharmacy on georgia avenue northwest, so be sure to come back at 5:00 to get the latest information, and of course, go to our website, wusa keep that rain gear handy. topper will have a full update, coming up on 9news now at 5:00. >> see you at 5:00. thank you.
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